Our Mission

To use established best practices and pioneering industry knowledge to provide premier film distribution, exhibition, and related industry services in and around the Middle East.

About Us

Phars Film was founded by Mr. Ahmad Golchin in 1964 and is now managed by his daughter Mahi Golchin-Depala. Phars Film is independently responsible for the distribution and exhibition of the critical mass of American Independent, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Iranian, Filipino, Art-House and other Foreign Language films brought to the Middle East. Phars Film’s unparalleled distribution network and stakeholder partnerships are now responsible for the regional distribution and exhibition of over 350 titles per annum making it the largest film distribution and exhibition network in the Middle East.


Phars Film, in partnership with Al Nisr Cinema Film Co., is responsible for the total mass of Bollywood movies brought to the UAE and Gulf region. To complement this partnership, Phars Film and Al Nisr Cinema Film Co., together, own and operate Gulf Multiplex group of cinemas in the UAE. Phars Film is also a partner and stakeholder in Qatar Bahrain Cinema Company (QBCC) the foremost chain of cinemas in Qatar.

Sister company Gulf Film, also founded by Mr. Ahmad Golchin, is now responsible for the distribution and exhibition of the lion’s share of Hollywood and Arabic titles throughout the region. Gulf Film distributes and exhibits over 200 titles per annum. Furthermore, Gulf Film also operates Grand Cinemas (www.grandcinemas.com), the largest chain of Cinemas spanning across the Middle East in addition to the largest laser subtitling laboratory in the Middle East.

Phars Film: Red Carpet Solutions

Phars Film Digital’s Red Carpet Solutions offers you or your organization the benefits of our decades of industry experience by providing a boutique service for all your cinematic event needs. From venue bookings through to promotion, visibility, and event management; Red Carpet Solutions is your 360° cinematic event management service provider.

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Our Future

Phars Film is constantly directing resources at finding new ways of adapting and growing within our current markets to yield ever-greater results for each of the Studios, Partners, and Associates we represent.


Market development for new, currently underexposed, cross-nationality and cultural films will be emphasized on alongside the identification of truly exciting regional studios and directorial talent whose capabilities have the potential to be nurtured and feasibly brought forward into our wider network and onto the big screen.

Phars Film also plans to create additional subsidiaries catering to, Gaming, Production and Production related resources, Online portals, and much, much more..


Finally, Phars Film has also begun constructing a cultural and retail mega-complex in Iran dedicated to the Fine Arts, Fashion, and literature, alongside numerous international eateries. The main attraction of the complex will be the “Golchin Grand”, which upon completion will be the largest cinema multiplex in the world. Proceeds from the multiplex will go to internationally recognized charitable programs which provide care for orphaned children of Iran.

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